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Meiko collection

Meiko collection

I do not have a cool answer on why I love porcelain. My true answer has always been that I'm enchanted by its whiteness. Simple as that yet not simple at all.

Through learning about the art of Far East I've been particularly drawn to the Shan Shui painting where the ideal of simplicity is achieved in a way I naturally relate to.

The artist's role was to comply to the perfection of empty, to the balance between contrasts, to the beauty itself. Take a look but be careful. It is seductive.

I love colors, I love to use them on porcelain as many of you know. Nuances on porcelain are always there to emphasize and celebrate its noble and gorgeous whiteness. Even when porcelain is colored, like I did with the Adriatic collection, those beautiful shades come from pigments' mix with the white.

But, from time to time I go back to my roots. Black, white and gold. Those phases are my meditative periods, my playful and relaxing days, my resolution time. This time it coincides with the end of the year. Let's celebrate!

Meiko is a personal Japanese name that means "beautiful by birth" or "blessed with beauty". The name of the collection comes from Meiko Kaji, beautiful Japanese actress and singer. She is a women with dignity and style. So, first I'll give you the soundtrack for enjoying this collection. I give you her most famous song:



So, grab your wine, and let's start....

meiko artisan porcelain boyameiko artisan porcelain boya black white gold

For me, this collection calls for desserts. Maybe you'll surprise me with some nice serving ideas.

meiko artisan porcelain boya black white gold

meiko artisan porcelain black white gold boya


For this photo shoot I collaborated again with Nikola Anđelić

meiko artisan porcelain black white gold boya

Check the whole collection here

boya porcelain premium box packaging


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