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Deep red hues give us comfort and joy.

They are also festive colors, attached to those holidays and gatherings that are ahead.

Marsala is the name of sweet wine. It can be white or red. When it is red it is a beautiful shade of ruby .

It comes from Sicily, the modest yet proud Italian south and the very heart of the Mediterranean. The birth home of true hedonism. Since always meals there are modest but prepared with love and gratitude and ingredients that saw a lot of sun while growing. Small glass of marsala is drunk there after such meal to announce the part of the feast when soul food is served.

Marsala large hand-painted charger plate, two variations
 Large and colorful, it can hold several dishes. Perfect for serving finger food on parties or treating yourself with a dinner and film at home. One variation is smooth and glossy and the second has fine texture. Each plate is hand-painted so slig...
Marsala luncheon high-rimmed plate, two colors
Luncheon plate is the most common size of plate. Boya porcelain offers this plate in two colors - deep red and gentle pink. Gentle pink hue gives freshness to the collection and opens more options. Dia.: 20cm (7.8 in)  
Salad plate, hand-painted, two variations
 It is a plane plate with rims risen by hand for 1cm. Like all sizes of this plate it comes in two variations, fine texture or smooth surface. Dia. 20cm
High-rimmed dessert plate, two variations
from €21.00
High-rimmed plates are often wheel thrown but I actually wanted to slip cast these to get a smoother surface. One variation is in deep red and the other hand-painted. It is a dessert plate but feel free to put a delicious piece of sushi or a cup o...
Marsala hand-painted saucer plate
Classic saucer plate size. With a twist. For me, making these was a real pleasure. So decadent that I love them.   I hand paint each piece so my design my has slight variations. Enjoy mixing these with other Marsala collection products.    Dia.:15...
Suacer plate, two variations
Our classic size saucer that can be also a small dessert plate. This time I offer two variations that differ in gold applications. One is a brush stroke and the second a golden dot. Dia.: 15cm (5.9in)
Premium faceted soup bowl with golden rim
Thick walls and deep red color give you warm feeling just by looking at it. Elegant faceting and a thin golden line on the rim complement that rich feeling. Dia.: 15cm (5.9in); h: 7cm (2.75in) Vol.: 500ml (16.9oz)  
Marsala salad bowl
The combination of deep red with glossy glaze on the inside and white non-glazed porcelain on the outside. Size for a salad for one or for ice-cream serving.
Marsala midi bowl, hand-painted
White porcelain and hand painted details make such a good contrast to the deep Marsala red that dominates this collection. These small bowls are perfect for serving dips and sauces or they can be nice porcelain pieces that decorate your living spa...
Marsala cup with a golden rim, two variants
from €20.00
This is my first collection in which I apply facets. Deep red on the inside, transparent glossy glaze on the outside and a golden rim bring your coffee or tea experience to a special level.  Serve cappuccino, black coffee or tea and enjoy your mom...