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The whiteness of porcelain is emphasized by an abstract black flow which brings the dinning experience up a notch. Feel free to feel festive!


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Meiko high-rimmed dessert plate, 16 cm (6.3in), three variations
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A piece of a cold and light cake with a lot of cream on a New Year's Eve. Dimmed lights, music and friends' laugh. Meiko is an exclusive limited artisan porcelain tableware collection available only in December 2017 in Boya Porcelain.     
Salad plate, black white and gold, high rim
This is just an appropriate sized salad plate and thanks to its high rim it is perfect for finger food like sushi or gyoza. Would you like a big piece of cake? This is your plate, too. Dia.:20 cm (8.6 in)
Black, glazed luncheon plate, high-rim
Classic and elegant this plate is perfect for serving classy desserts or as a tray when serving mini spice bowls.Of course, this is a proper luncheon plate, too. Black glossy glaze on the inside makes a great contrast to the whiteness of unglazed ...
Espresso cup
Having coffee with a best friend on the terrace in the middle of winter. Laughing your faces off, feeling you maybe didn't need coats. Add a saucer and voila! A perfect gift.
Cappuccino cup, faceted with golden rim, two variants
Inspire your loved one to become your own personal barista.
Mocha mug, glazed with golden rim, faceted
Perfect accessory for Sunday movie at noon. High mug for mocha, filter coffee or tea.    
Coffee set for two
Coffee set for two. Make your morning coffee rituals special.
Saucers, three designs
Saucer or a small dessert plate. Perfectly matches with cups and mugs from this collection. Both beauty and the devil are in the detail. Pick beauty! Dia.: 15cm (5.9in)
Three mini bowls set
Serve three light-colored dipping sauces for a finger food party and make it more classy and festive. 7x3.5 cm (2.75x1.37 in)
Three midi bowls set
This is really multi-purpose set. Movie snack, sauces, dips, breakfast. Enjoy it! Dim.: 10x4.5cm (4x1.77 in)
Large bowl with gold and faceted exterior (gold variation)
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It is late winter afternoon. It was a busy day yet she indulged in to the festive atmosphere. Instead for looking for company she made herself rich warm soup and served it in a premium bowl. Although not that kind of person she immediately came up...