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Leto, deep blue


 Deep blue like summer nights. It's captivating yet full of promise. This serene darkness is our inspiration. Combined with gold, it becomes a focal point, drawing the eye and creating a sense of fulfillment. When we hold it, we feel a pleasant coolness and smoothness, as if touching a piece of the evening sky.

The vase is designed to merge beauty with usability, allowing us to arrange flowers easily. Its rich blue color makes every flower shade stand out, making each arrangement a noticeable decorative element. This vase simply finds its place in any space, offering a quiet accent of color and clean design.

It invites us to enjoy the beauty of the flowers it holds, becoming more than just a container for flowers – it is a part of everyday life that adds elegance to any environment. Whether it holds a single expressive flower or a modest bouquet, this vase celebrates timeless beauty that is always valued.

Dimensions: 19x6cm

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