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May 16, 2019 2 min read

Here we go again!

I love working with Jana. We met trough my ceramics workshop. She is established as a graphic designer, a professor of typography and and still creative and curious as a kid. She came to my workshop just to attend it and play. And that is the point where we clicked. We saw each other as girls who want to play. We started inspiring each other for new ideas immediately.

The first collaboration was Love4Eva collection that we did in December 2017. Now it was time for another one!

In the meantime, Jana has gone trough an important personal journey. It's been a huge leap for her and she's back with a simple and strong truth:

Be gentle to yourself!

Here is what she says about it:

Samo nezno prema sebi

Samo nezno prema sebi

"Whenever my 5 year old daughter needed my support I was always there. I never skipped to hug her. I would always crouch deep enough so our eyes were in the same level. And she would feel me. She would always grow over her problem. Still it took me long time and a challenging life situation to realize that I'm actually treating myself quite the opposite way. I used to be hard on myself. I was never good, strong and fast enough. If I'm not telling myself the same things I tell my daughter will she grow to believe in my support and eventually in herself? Can I be a supportive and happy partner that way? Despite my good intentions, am I passing the right word to my students? Am I spreading love? What can I expect in return with such an attitude towards myself?

On top of everything, even with realizing the need for a change I was trying to make it with breaking through, with putting more strength, pushing even harder. That was where I entered the fire that forged me. 

Being gentle to yourself is what makes us relaxed and confident. It makes us forgive ourselves. It makes us creative and inspired, gives us initiative. It makes us feel our own pace and our natural environment, the one where we grow.

         Being gentle to yourself is the precondition for being strong. Such an harmonious meeting of two contrasts is the nature of porcelain. When you find yourself with porcelain telling your story you can be sure you are doing something good."

        We did limited collection of 45 plates made of porcelain that is colored in the earliest stage, while still wet clay. That is a demanding technique that brings these pastel nuances.

       Jana did the writings in liquid 24K gold by hand. 

Jana - "Liquid gold looks like some mud but when you put it through fire it shines fully. Another lesson learned about this simple and strong sentence."


Welcome to see the whole collection here.

Bojana Brkić
Bojana Brkić

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