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March 15, 2018 1 min read

How much would you wait to tell the Big News?

I've felt the need to visually tell a bit different story about porcelain I make. To use the quality of porcelain and translate it to its core characteristics - femininity, sophistication and boldness with a touch of crazy.

There was no-one better to tell this story visually than Milica Tasić,  our architect, graphic designer and my long-last companion in crazy matters - in all those projects where two insane women focus on details and strive for perfection (remember our Boya Shop&Studio, Boya logo and Boya promotional material). This time she was Creative director on this project.

I wanted to have exclusively female energy on this projects. So Dejana Batalović, a photographer, was a natural choice for me. Her focus on women's strength and the use of light (check out her Flickr) is soooo appealing and almost tactile so I called her one day and she was ON!

Porcelain dining set for six was the starting point.

Milica and I focused on a woman getting ready to tell BIG NEWS. Setting the table, dressing up, prepping food & drinks, taking a moment before the guests come and sliding into fantasy.  It's all about passion, right?



Check this set in the shop here.


Photography: Dejana Batalović

Creative direction: Milica Tasić 



Bojana Brkić
Bojana Brkić

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