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June 19, 2019 2 min read 1 Comment

            In the old days, women were the ones who decorated homes. Beauty had to be fought for. Flax was hand-picked and spun into linen also by hand. All that tremendous effort just to have linen to embroider and surround themselves with beauty.


            Maja (Studio Vilenica) found a small batch of linen fabrics in a rural household in Vojvodina. Knowing the history of the techniques, It is a about a hundred years old. It took patience and hard work to manufacture it and today the message it carries is meaningful. It is a white cloth that cannot be torn apart by hand and which will come even brighter through washing. The napkins of this new limited collection are made of that linen.



          The fabrics that ended in our hands, made a century ago, carries traces of women that wove it. It’s up to us to read their message. The beauty comes from dirty and tired hands. They would be happy to know that we are living their dream, a life with much more time for ourselves. They are telling us we should be grateful for it and would feel sad when we are not. They remind us that beauty is there to be spread and shared. The need for hard work has changed comparing to the old days, but it’s up to us now to find a motif to create beauty and pass it on to others.



          Porcelain’s firmness and calmness are my best message to now and to the future. That fact, together with the message from the past sent to us through the linen fabrics, is why we are both content with this collection and happy to present it to you. Link to the sets is here.



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Vesna Stojanovic
Vesna Stojanovic

December 01, 2019

Inspirativno je citati Vase tekstove,a pravo uzivanje u lepoti predmeta koje stvarate! Divno je sto ste nasli svoj put! Srecno!

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