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Adria - a joyful blue dinner set

Would you like your every dinning to be like sitting by the enchanting Adriatic coast? This set can help a lot. Even during the winter time.

It all started as my wish to have a nice breakfast set. Still, on the Adriatic coast a summer breakfast can easily become a few course feast. Especially on Sundays when locals indulge on terraces before the heat.

tableware four-person set

tableware four person set

On days like these, breakfast is light but has many different ingredients. Small pieces of goat cheese with many veggie bites mixed with fruits, nuts, olive oil. Long coffee, of course.That is typical Mediterranean hedonism combined with the fact that the next meal is in the sunset.

tableware four person set

tableware four person set

 tableware four person set

The set is made in a typical Boya Porcelain style having the plate as the core piece of the brand. The plate is made using a slab building technique (rolling pin, exclusively) in order to achieve the organic, floral-like shape of the rim. Therefore, the bottom is non-glazed and has a very fine matte surface smooth to the touch. It makes an elegant tactile contrast to the glazed upper surface. All other pieces are simply in line with the basic idea and so the cups and bowls are wheel-thrown, faceted by hand and fully glazed.

The set is made of fine white Limoges porcelain from France. Pigments are fully natural and food safe. All pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe.