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Boya Team

 Boya Team


       In the beginning, there were just the two of us. We were a family, and we were business partners. That was the base that was clear to us. We had no dilemmas, we were on the same page. Our shared challenge was to bring excellent quality and communicate our work. 

         Every milestone means celebration and new challenges at the same time. We had grown to the extent we needed new people in the studio. One half of the task was to be careful not to be overprotective of our brand, while the other half was to take the newcomers through everything that Boya is by that moment in a way that is not hurting their personalities but leaving the room for their eventual contribution to the brand. Yes, just like parenting, only acting like parents would be a bit too much here.

         We'd had a couple of tryouts before, but it took some experience so the team could start to be consistent.



      Jana is a versatile creative person. She plays the guitar and loves being in a big good company. She has the widest knowledge of music of us all. Jana is in charge of the pottery wheel. It is a position different from all other. They do not switch to another tasks and have a higher independence during the process but the rest. Still, there would be no team without the "wheelers" and vice versa. Something like a solo violin in an orchestra or a goalkeeper. Jana had been already good at it when she joined us and is improving all the time. She is the most emotional to injustice of all of us.


         If Sara is in a good mood, everyone is. If she is not in a good mood, she will allow others to cheer her up. The oldest of four sisters and a daughter of an artist. She's taken part in a few group exhibitions so far. We hope she will have her website soon. Sara is Bojana's assistant through all the production steps.



        Goga joined us the latest but became part of the team right away. She actively draws and paints and she has developed her recognizable style (check her work out here). She loves working with people and that's the reason she hosts Boya workshops. Also, together with Sara, she assists Bojana in the production. If good homemade sweets or bread are around, it's probably her craft.



         Rade is the only team member who is not a ceramist. He is in charge of the logistics but also of telling the story of Boya. He does our marketing and he will be the one to answer your e-mails, post to our social network profiles (together with Bojana), take care that all the shipments reached you safely and to your satisfaction, and maintain the website. You will most likely be welcomed and served by him in the shop. Rade is in charge of lunch, most often it means he will cook it. Bojana's partner in business, life, parenting and yacht.



         Bojana, the chief ceramist.  The most minutiose of all of us. Very important virtue for her job. She designs all Boya pieces and still insists on having all the pieces go through her hands before leaving the studio. She co-designed our shop&studio. All the settings you see on our photos and in the shop are her vreations. She loves Far East cultures, jazz, Nick Cave, Paul Auster, Renato Carosone and a cup of good coffee.