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          We start with a large sale of seconds. We like to call them rebels. Some have a flaw with color, some with glaze, on some cups handle is a little bit off but they're all usable and beautiful handmade, organic-shaped pieces. All of it, of course, at a much lower price.Welcome!

The bundle consist of saucers, plates, bowls and mugs.

Saucers: 15cm (5.9in)

Plates: 18-24 cm (7-9.45in)

Bowls 5-18cm (2-7in)

Mugs: c. 7x7cm (2.75x2.75in)

Price range for all pieces is 5-10€ (6-11.85$)

Most of pieces are glazed French porcelain. It is 24K gold where applied. Those light-blue plates with dots and dark green with gold are stoneware.

We can help you with sending you a photo of the particular piece.

We suggest FB massage that you can easily reach through the blue tab in the bottom.

We have very low shipping rates that you can check here

We accept PayPal and if you are a company we can accept cards.