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Emeralds, two sizes and napkin


Emeralds, two sizes and napkin

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        My pieces are a lot about mix and match of colors but the shape is equally important to me. Finding this emerald pigment made me wish to make this espresso cup immediately. Adding anything would be too much, really. We changed the contours to make it a bit taller and narrower. The bottom is sharp-angled. Altogether, a lot of character and silent elegance.

Dim.: cca. 7cm (2.75in) high and 6cm (2.35in) wide.

Vol.: cca 130ml (4.4oz)

         The journey initiated by the Forest collection continues with the cappuccino option. The cups are not glazed on the bottom half. Wherever you see a golden or emerald dot, it is also a fine texture that you can feel under your fingers. Vilenica studio joined me and did napkins that also offer a pleasant and calming tactile impression.

Emerald applications are done with different brushes.

Dim.: cca. 9.5cm (3.75in) high and 8cm (3.15in) wide.

Vol: cca. 180ml (6 1/3 oz)