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Pink&Cobalt, breakfast set for two

I'm rediscovering cobalt. All the blue decorations that we you all know from old style tableware were done with it. At one point people rightfully abandoned porcelain. It became attached to fear of braking and to overdecorating. I built my brand and my porcelain journey around the feel that I see new approach over its use so I guess it was the time to bring back this beautiful blue nuance, as well.

Pink is its great companion and with Vilenica's napkins it is a beautiful breakfast set.

For some ceramists and some ceramics lovers a handle is something elegant and where an artisan show its skill. I'm rather in the second group. A handle is often too much for me and disrupts the elegance. This time I came with a design where I like it.

The set consists of:

2x cappuccino cups with handle and a thin golden line (160ml; 5.4 USoz)

2x white saucers with cobalt decoration (15cm;5.9in)

2x plates with round cobalt brush stroke (18cm; 7in)

2x pink plates (21cm; 8.25in)

2x Vilenica cotton napkins

handmade gift box

It also includes hand-signed certificate.