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Sumi Espresso Cups, set of two in a box

Imagine sipping your morning coffee  from a cup that feels like a work of art. Introducing our  new edition of cups adorned with expressive black brush strokes that hide tiny treasures of gold.

The skillful use of the brush creates a mesmerizing blend of simplicity and depth, allowing the graceful strokes to tell stories of nature and emotion. For me personally, it is a story of my quest to find peaceful moments or places that shine hope in the noise of today's world we live in.

The black brush strokes dance across the surface of the cup, evoking the movement of ink on rice paper. The strokes are intentionally imperfect and short, embracing the beauty of impermanence and spontaneity, just like the fleeting moments we experience in life.

This edition is now offered in a set of two espresso cups packed in a lovely handcrafted box made of a recycled material (you can read more about our boxes and packaging material here)

Dimensions of a cup: 6x7cm

Dimensions of a box: 16.5x9.5x9.5cm