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Val 4

Val 4 is one of five installations in the Val collection, characterized by a harmonious play of warm terracotta tones and shining copper. The central element of this installation is a porcelain plate with a copper application that evokes the image of the Sun, becoming the key leitmotif of the entire composition.

Terracotta has been chosen as a sophisticated material to support the central piece. Its warm, earthy tones subtly contrast the shiny copper application, adding depth and texture to the entire installation.

The design of this installation radiates like the sun's rays, creating a sense of space and openness. This unique composition not only visually expands the space but also warmly welcomes visitors, uplifting their mood.

The installation measures 120cm in width and 45cm in height, large enough to dominate the space but not so large as to overwhelm it. Its unusual shape brings dynamism and movement into space, creating an image that exudes light and warmth.
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