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December 09, 2018 2 min read

 Soon after Dblog.hr published the story on our 8-person dinner set, we received an email from a Zagreb-based family. Although admitting they had never considered having a custom-made set, they fell in love with the very idea after reading the story and seeing the photos. 

They only knew they wanted me to make a black and white set with a bit of texture (they were inspired by the charger plate in the article). Our conversations quickly switched to the phone. When it comes to the custom-made, it's all about listening. Being a good listener is the key, I believe. Listening implies better understanding of their habits, wishes and aesthetics which allows me to shape my idea better so the final product can have a greater value. Plus, we're building trust which is also essential especially in a situation where we cannot sit at the table and talk face to face.

Nevertheless, I learnt about their habits, their likes and dislikes and saw photos of their interior. They often gather friends and throw dinner parties in the dinning room which obviously holds a very important place in their home. Few and carefully selected details. Warm and minimal design of the oak table surrounded by elegant modern white chairs occupy the center of the room. Few details just to give a hint of their aesthetics.

One detail of their lives struck me and was actually a turning point when I thought about the design of the set - they were born and raised on the island of Hvar - a pearl of the Mediterranean, nature and culture wise. Thus the name of the set Val 1 (local word for wave).

Probably because of Hvar, I felt like bringing some turquoise color to the set. They liked the idea.

Throughout the process we communicated only by emails - I took photos of the samples, sent them, made changes and sent them photos again. But, the excitement of handing them the set was huge since I felt enormous responsibility . for the freedom in the creative process I got. And they loved it. The very next day I received the order from them for few more pieces to complement the set. 

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