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May 20, 2023 1 min read


Boya and architect Marko Babić worked together on wall installations that showcase the perspectives of both art, craft, and architecture.

Our goal was to combine our two distinct creative expressions, perspectives, disciplines, and fields of action to create a unique visual narrative. At the heart of these installations lies the concept of a moment between two polarities of time: eternity and transience. Each installation expresses this theme, hoping for a thought-provoking experience that leaves a lasting impression. We hope our work resonates with you and inspires contemplation about the intersection of art and human existence.


The VAL installations breathe new life into selected pieces of Boya porcelain that, for various technical reasons, have lost their original purpose. Seen through the lens of Smart Recycling, this process represents a transformative journey from obsolescence to revitalization. Smart Recycling means sustainability, our vision of a human's peaceful and meaningful existence between transiency and eternity.

The term "VAL" translates to "wave" in Serbo-Croatian, symbolizing the dynamic movement of these pieces as they transition from their static existence on the table to an engaging visual narrative on the wall. This transition is a new action platform, revealing the rhythmic visions of lyrical swirls of wind, water, and waves.

The delicate aesthetics of the porcelain, combined with the reflective quality of the copper, imbue these installations with a chameleon-like ability to adapt to any environment. Both copper and porcelain are warm materials, which inject an essence of vibrancy, elegance, and beauty into any space.

The collection in the webshop is here.

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