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Orah Sushi Set

Introducing another creation crafted with joy and attention in collaboration with Vilenica Studio. Orah is a collection through which I explore the realm carved out by the art of carving. With various concepts gracing the table, this technique shapes pieces that set the stage for an uplifting breakfast in pajamas or a formal dinner. It was for the latter that we meticulously prepared, waiting for the perfect moments to add details and the intuition to know when it was just right. This approach unites us, a shared philosophy we’ve both embraced from the Far East, which is likely why we chose a sushi set.

The tableware, shaded in deep black porcelain, is brought to life with hand-carving and 24-karat gold. Vilenica contributed with linen napkins. Each pattern is handcrafted and then replicated using screen-printing techniques on the remaining napkins. Every napkin is stitched following the Japanese sashiko method, where the thread weaves in and out at regular intervals, creating a delicate crinkled effect.

We've fashioned a special box for this set. It’s wrapped in a fine black fabric, and the lid boasts a fusion of acrylic paint and gold leaf.

Here, we offer sets for two or four, but custom sizes can be crafted upon request."

This translation aims to preserve the intimate and artisanal tone of the original text, highlighting the craftsmanship and collaboration that define the Orah sushi set.

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