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November 03, 2018 2 min read

"Other things in the world are white, but, for me, porcelain comes first." - Edmund De Waal

This quote from a modern polymath, a wonderful writer and a ceramist, was a starting point for the new collection. Besides many other inspiring thoughts, this was the one that triggered what had been hidden deep in me - love for porcelain.

I wanted to indulge into the basic characteristic of the porcelain - home to its beauty, gentility, gracefulness, stylishness, power and fragility. The whiteness.

As soon as I embarked on this creative journey, I wanted more. I wanted all senses to be triggered. The always-inviting whiteness never fails to inspire; the glossy inside visually leads to the textured outside. Come, touch it! Enjoy the organic feel of the exterior as the contrast of the smooth interior with a golden stripe in the middle. 

I also wanted to show more of porcelain's integrity. The vase is always the center-piece on the table and thus asks for our ultimate attention. And it deserves it! Flaunt it with some amazing flowers and voila! 

This organic-shaped serving plate brings a  touch of nature to the table. 

The focus of my work is porcelain. It is the most demanding and the most rewarding material for a ceramist besides being mystic and gorgeous. It's the witness that appeals to me. The firmness of the material. The ever-eluding control over it. But, once you feel its gentle touch and its softness, you don't stray, However, I choose to make a few pieces of black clay for this collection. Then again, nothing compliments and emphasizes the whiteness as black does.

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Photo: Liyle Photography

Flowers: Studio Mušmula

Bojana Brkić
Bojana Brkić

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