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Carigradska 7


          After four years in our first shop&studio, we started to realize the change is about to come. We grew as a team and walking through the piles of different things in the studio started to provoke some acrobatic skills in each of us. Moreover, we simply felt ready for a bigger space.

         Thinking pragmatically, the next step would be separating the production space, probably moving it to the part of the city with lower rents keeping just the  downtown shop. But, every success is always built on good response of some people, the community. The people are the reason why we all enjoyed having the shop and studio in one. Communicating with different people and the aura that happens builds the brand and relationship with the people around us as well as with all the people around the world who haven't visited Belgrade and our place. Haven't yet. Being able to reward the community means also improving it. It is not a just a noble gesture with nothing behind. It is investing in the mechanism that moves us all forward. Therefore, we wanted to give our community a space that enriches it and that gives it even bigger gathering point. 

       One strong, encouraging sign occurred and we started the search. Many places looked good but there was always little something that made them not to become our new home. The real one was waiting for us.

         The childhood of Boya ended. It was beautiful! Leaving the old shop&studio was emotional and with a lot of moving gestures from the neighbors. But, we had a warm welcome in the new neighborhood as well!    

          Our new home is a two-level space. The ground floor is a showroom. On the left you see the custom-made metal shelves that hold majority of the pieces we have in stock at a given moment. The wall that holds the shelves is a concrete surface decorated with vertical stripes making a pretty vibrant atmosphere.

           The central table serves as a focal point - a place of gathering.

         The main idea was to create a home. The feeling of a familiar space, where we love spending time, we all recognize and call home. These two chairs, that we found in the funniest and biggest antique shop we have ever seen, are here for you to sit back and relax while we pack your pieces. We also sit here with our friends and enjoy a cup of tasty coffee. The golden mirror from the old shop found its new place behind the chairs. 

        Further on the ground floor is the office space. We needed a place for business meetings so we wanted it to be as warmer and not as formal. We love the vibe of a classy study. 


        We are now  in Carigradska, a chestnut alley street in the central Dorćol (Dort-yol) neighborhood of the old town. Carigrad is the old South-Slavic word for Istanbul. Our street got its name as it is a remainder of the long medieval trade route that was connecting civilizations, East and West. Dortyol is the Turkish word for a crossroad as the neighborhood saw the intersection of two important trade routes of the same era. Being crafters and locals we find our new address symbolic and inspirational for our old topic what we offer to the world design-wise, and what is our message.

         We have big shop windows  with a lot of sunlight earlier in the day.  The stars of the shop are the Japanese maple tree and the porcelain wall installation made in the house. All the flower arrangements and plants are provided by sweetest and very dedicated duo from Studio Mušmula.


         Let's go upstairs!




 (views from the workshop part towards the studio)


         The upper level is divided in two sections. Besides the studio space, we are happy to have a separate space only for workshops. That makes room for the idea of workshops to grow. We do have new workshop themes but we are yet to see what new qualities it will bring.


         This is Boya studio and this is the space where we welcome you for the workshops:

         And a look down from the "balcony".

         The table holds Bojana's recommendations but we wish to give it a social role. The table cloth was done by amazing Maja from Vilenica Studio. The collaboration that continues and has grown into a  friendship.

Let's go downstairs.

That is our new home and we hope to welcome as many of you in the forthcoming years.

 We collaborated with Studio Situacije (Milica Tasić as Chief Architect, Staša Radmilović Diklić as Architect Assistant) on this project.

Photography: Lumina Images (Boya Porcelain copyright)