Boya is open again after holidays on Tuesday, May 4. We are resuming workshops in May.


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Let's enjoy two hours in a ceramics studio with a glass of wine making couple of pieces made by yourself!


 Sounds fun, right?

            We offer the introduction to a basic technique called slab building. It is enough to make a plate or a bowl by yourself and which all the ceramists use for it. We also offer "Mug & Saucer" workshop which is just a bit more advanced workshop. Taking the basic one before is just enough.  Sushi Set workshop is the newest and is about black clay and no pigments but only carvings with the different tools we have. Very calming workshop. On each you make one serving plate, two small bowls and two chopsticks holders.    
            Generally we offer workshops two or three times a month. Always on Thursday evenings, 7pm. During the pandemic period, we adapt our schedule to the law.

That is all nice but I think I’m not talented.

Wrong! Nobody is non-talented!  Although you might be an absolute beginner, I guarantee you will be able to make something like these:

ceramics workshop

          I glaze and fire your pieces and let you know when they are ready for pickup! Usually 7-10 days. All the pieces are food safe!


Few experience

           "Better then going out for a drink!" -
           "Great for team-buildings!"
           "A therapy :)"
           "Bojana's ceramics workshop-relax mode: on!"

           Check out the experience from one of the workshops on Belle.Grade blog here.



Plate & Bowl workshop     2.500RSD 

Mug & Saucer                      3.500RSD

Sushi Set                          3.200RSD

Kids&Parents:                   2600RSD per couple

       Paying is possible on the workshop. We accept cash and cards.

       You can also get a workshop voucher as a gift to someone, You can buy it in our shop or in our online shop hereand have it sent to the desired address by mail or e-mail.

        You can have your private workshop. We had workshops that were team-building, birthday surprise parties and even  bachelorette parties. For private workshops inquiries and pricing contact us first, please.

          All the materials and tools are included. Those fancy aprons, too.

          We publish workshop schedule at the end of every month for the following month. We first announce it in our newsletter (see here) and two days later on our Facebookand Instagram pages.

May, 2021 workshops:

Plate&Bowl (2hr)

Tue, 11 

Wed, 12

Thu, 13


Cup&Saucer (2hr 30min)

Tue, 18

Wed, 19

Thu, 20 


Sushi set  (2hr 30min)

Tue, 25

Wed, 26 
Thu, 27 


All workshops start at 7pm.

Every workshop offers five seats only, to conform safe distancing standards.

          Please include your name and phone number when booking your seats. Thank you!

         Contact us directly for more info.
         See you!
General info:

- Please come 10 minutes before the start of a workshop
- Carigradska street is a one-way road for cars. It can be entered from Bulevar despota Stefana or from Gundulićev venac. Surrounding streets are parking zone 3 (green) which allows you to stay for three hours and is free after 9PM on working days  and after 2PM on Saturdays. You won't be fined for a 5 minutes overdue for sure. In case of no vacant parking lots, which is rare, there is a public garage in Vojvode Dobrnjca street, 5 min walk from us.
- Since you might be having some wine and would like to take public transportation you can take any bus or trolleybus that takes you through Bulevar despota Stefana or Venizelosova.
Following is the map from which you can get the direction to reach us.