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As you might know, I'm Bojana and I'm inviting you to be creative together with the most creative beings of all - kids. I invite you for a ceramics workshop which is actually something more than just that.

First, let me show you my shop&studio where workshops take place.

I started with workshops for adults in October 2016 and since then around 40-50 people attend it each month. The Kids&Parents workshop came naturally as I have teaching background and because I am a parent myself.

The workshop lasts for an hour and in one session you both will make one plate or one bowl you can use later and that are food safe.

This is not just another activity where you will take your kid on a weekend day. This is a mutual activity where you and your child are exchanging what one of you has and is making the other one happy. 

ceramic workshop kids parents

While working  we listen to music, eat  healthy cookies and have natural juices. 

After you make and color your works you will leave them with us for drying, glazing and firing. They will be ready for pick-up or post delivery in 7-10 days. 

The technique you will learn is called a slab building and it is enough for making all kinds of board-like pieces.

What makes kids especially happy, and adults as well,  is that the piece you make is food safe. Kids will be proud and it is good for their self-esteem.

Recommended age is 4+.

 The workshops schedule is being announced at the end of every month,First in our newsletter (clik here to subscribe) and two days later on our FB and Instagram pages.

Price is 2600RSD per couple, one extra member is an additional 1000RSD.

You can pay on the workshop. We accept cash and cards.

 *- As you assume, the regular workshops are postponed indefinitely. We cannot provide safe distancing fro our participants. We are open for organizing private workshops for up to 6 participants.