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November 07, 2021 5 min read

When you buy a Boya piece, you will receive many other nice touches from us. These differ in purpose and content, but they all share one important fact – we want to communicate with you! We care for you to know what you have purchased from us. We hope you understand how it was made. And it matters to us that you grasp why it was made.

We were never delighted with the old printed material. Still, offering the best available at any given moment is better than waiting for perfection. As time has passed, we have grown away from the content of our brochure – which had always been the centerpiece of all the printed material we share with you. But what had become a real eyesore to us was the bubble wrap, a necessity when shipping ceramics, but also cumbersome and not eco-friendly. So we started working on a replacement – which I will share with you later – and that triggered the change.

Brochure, Certificate, and Greeting Card

Our brochure needed a good refresh, with an updated story and new photos. Looking at the old one felt like browsing an old high school photo album. So, we reached out to designer Milica Pantelić and started with a blank canvas and that absolute feeling of being 'dumb and with no idea.'

We needed to present all our beautiful photos and text in a user-friendly design. The paper is thinner this time, so the brochure can be folded. We decided to use recycled paper, giving the nostalgic feeling of old newspaper. (Minus the scent of lead, of course.) The full brochure comprises 16 pages, with just a selection shown here. This time, the certificate – previously included in the old brochure as the final page – is being included as a separate piece as a piece on its own. The title is printed in gold and still implies the same ideals: the promise of how our pieces are made, the quality of our materials, and thoughtful care instructions. Each certificate is personally signed by Bojana.


 A greeting card was made of recycled paper, should we say. It matches the design of our wrapping paper.


Collection Cards

Small, pocket-size collection cards. Everyone likes something like that. We only made them for some collections, but we will. What kind of paper did we select? Ok, we won't mention it further.

Vouchers and Gift Cards

Gifting of these is now more festive, elegant, and memorable. Workshop vouchers are made of the same paper as our new white gift boxes and the gift cards are also made of fine, thick paper but in a pale shade of iron-gray. These will be wrapped in a nice envelope with a sticker holding our logo printed in gold.


Gift Boxes and Wrapping Paper - Story of Friendship

Our boxes have been made for us for 4 years by the same bookbinding manufacturer, Grbović from Belgrade. That is the first story of friendship. Thank you, Danijela! The cardboard was always made from recycled paper, but we wanted to go further. This was an opportunity to do the redesign of these. That is where Maja of Vilenica Studio stepped in. She took Bojana for a few sessions of painting and graphic design. It was much more than that, actually. She showed another talent of her. She showed a lot of empathy and understanding of the idea, taking Bojana carefully at each step toward getting to the final design based on her own decisions. This abstract pattern is printed on our wrapping paper and as the gold application on our new boxes. Thank you, Maja, for this, and again, for a warm and inspirational friendship that lasts.
We have selected the paper made by Flavino. Italian producer of eco-friendly print materials near Venice. The beautiful palette they offer. We now offer only three colors of the boxes in three sizes, plus special packages for three mini-bowl sets in the same colors. Black has a slight nuance of gray and is coated with recycled office paper. Mocha-colored box paper is made of almonds. The white one is not entirely white as it is made from grape seeds. How crazy, right? 

The wrapping paper is thin and translucent but not too elastic. We all like some excellent rustling when opening a present.


When we think of pollution, plastic bags "decorating" every tree is one of the first pictures that comes to mind. Ours were always made of paper, but there was room to go further. Besides our logo, they now hold four words with which we tried to explain the brand's idea and aim.


Our shipping boxes were always eco-friendly, but the bubble wrap... Did you know that bubble wrap was invented to be wallpaper? No, it is not a typo; a wallpaper. That happens when two techy males think about interior design.
So, let me first introduce her excellence - the honeycomb paper.



As you can expect, it is a bit pricier than that name we don't want to mention anymore, but it is Earth-friendly, takes much less space and is even decorative. The only thing that needs to be added is the therapeutic effect that you can substitute with this. Instead of the old duck tape, we now use paper tape that is to be moistened before the application. That is done by the simple mechanism that holds the tape and a little water reservoir. It's so vintage and fun.
        Let me show you how we pack for shipping. 

Or like this, depending of the content.

 What is that stamp on the photo for?

Happily, even unpacking of our parcel sent by mail became fun. Now the smartest thing you will read in this blog post. A few sentences from our favorite Seth Godin:

Insufficient effort creates work that’s wasted. If you do a slapdash job, then the roof leaks, the food is inedible, the car doesn’t start.

Insufficient effort is a shortcut that wasn’t worth taking.

Sufficient effort is the goal of the industrial capitalist. Capture the most value with the least work. Build a house that doesn’t fall down, with components that last exactly long enough to avoid a claim. Explain that due to unusually call volume…

And then, perhaps, there’s a third option.

Expending more effort than most people think is sufficient. This is attention to detail. Care in design. Follow through in customer service. This is an embrace of elegance and wabisabiand the opposite of laziness.

This is bringing care (which is rare and precious) to work even if most people would look for a shortcut instead. More effort creates beauty and magic and remarkability.

Perfectionism is a false hope and a place to hide.

Effort, on the other hand, is our best chance to do work that matters.

Graphic design: Milica Pantelić and Bojana Brkić
Gift Boxes: Grbović Bookbinder
Print (brochure, certificate, greeting card, workshop voucher, gift card, business card, collection card): Alta Nova
Print (wrapping paper): Beopak
Bags: Štampa Beograd
Paper tape: Eko-Traka BP
Photo: Liyle Photography

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