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Naho, Sushi set

This set is a spin-off from an enjoyable collaboration with Wagokoro Mochi's owner Naho for their tableware.  

We became friends through those days. I listened to her a lot about Japanese food and dining, but other rituals, art, and culture in general as well. She is a pure treasure to have around. Her kindness and her knowledge make her presence a treat for the gathered.

I did a sushi set wanting to give this underappreciated dish the tableware it deserves. Good sushi to make is not that much about the recipe but about a lot of patience to reach the needed skill. Of course, it takes fresh ingredients from both soil and the sea. It is a gift of nature, Rare are the dishes that are so tasty and healthy at the same time.

The decorations are done by hand. It is my interpretation of all I learned through Naho and what I learned through the decades of my fascination with the Far East.

My special pieces in this set are small bowls. Wide, shallow, and thin. Simply charming.


The set consists of:

1 big serving plate (32cm; 12.6in)

4 oval plates (21x12cm; 8.25x4.7in)

4 sauce bowls

4 cotton napkins, hand-printed by Vilenica

all in an elegant pale pink handmade and eco-friendly gift box


The set for two holds the same serving plate and two of each other pieces.

We would gladly make this set for a different number of persons, after your wish.



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