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Vida Vase, white, three sizes

I wanted a vase that will not only acknowledge the transiency of everything nature and embrace it and celebrate it as immanent to the beauty. Leaves are a perfect metaphor for it. Altogether, a perfect environment for flower arrangements.

Each leaf is individually made and carved by hand using different hand tools. Cracklings that appear when some of the leaves are bent are more than welcome to contribute to the tree-like shapes of the vases.

For the sake of balance, not all the surfaces are glazed and each vase has one leaf in gold.

These vases are very demanding to make and we are all happy how they pushed our limits.

Dimensions (cca.):

Grande: 26.5x11cm (10.4x4.3in)

Large: 26.5x8.5 cm (10.4x3.35 in)

Small: 21x7.5 cm (8.25x2.95 in)