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октобар 02, 2017 2 min čitanja

 For some time now, I've been feeling the need to change our brand's name. When I started in 2012, it felt as a really good name. Also, the first product I made was a board game without exact rules where two players would  put odd-shaped porcelain pieces on a neon board. Reinventing the game was my light motif. Alongside, I started making porcelain brooches and some small bowls wanting people to rediscover porcelain. Re:Art:Concept was a perfect match! 

I've discovered many new layers of porcelain in the last five years and got completely into tableware, organic shapes and colors.
I've been feeling for some time now that the name Re:Art and the logo, designed by talented Ivan Jocić, do not communicate who I am and what I do anymore. I find them  too generic and strict, now.

Celebrating the first year of our shop&studio was the right time to introduce the new brand name.
What we didn't expect was how painful the process would be. We were punished for not believing in ourselves and, instead of relying on friends who had always been there for us, we turned to professionals. Corporate approach made us deal with damage control at the end. That process is beautiful, as well.

Who else but the very same friends who were with us from the beginning gave us a helping hand. The designer of our shop&studio, multi-talented Milica Tasić, who became a dear friend of ours, was a major help. After we had canceled the cooperation with "marketing experts", we worked with Milica (this time as a graphic designer) for weeks and the wee small hours to fix  and finish the re-branding. No need to mention Mali Iv and Ana's support, two people who have been there all the time and that is something you could see.

Going through some old photos I ran into these which reminded of the friends from the early days of our brand - Nikola and Ana going through the photos from our outdoor photo shoot on a very cold winter day in Belgrade. Since then they got married, became parents and are running a great photo studio NIA. I've done several photo shoots with Nikola who jumped in again and did a great photo shoot for my new Marsala collection which you can see in the shop.

So, my dear all, from now on we are:

Hope you like it! Would love to hear your thoughts. Something to add, something to change? I know many of you will call us by the old name for some time more. We don't mind!


Love from Zetska!

Bojana Brkić
Bojana Brkić

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