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Chestnut Set

  The Chestnut hue of our large stoneware plate is a conscious choice I made to provide a strong base, suitable for displaying fruits or as a distinctive element on a naturally styled table. Its rich, earthy color aims to add a warm touch to spaces, complementing interiors inspired by nature's palette.

In the smaller dish, made from translucent porcelain, I intended to contrast the larger stoneware piece while maintaining a sense of cohesion. This dish is designed to be a subtle yet significant part of the overall arrangement.

This set results from my experimentation with different textures and finishes - the matte solidity of stoneware and the subtle transparency of porcelain. I aim to create functional and artistically expressive pieces suitable for various home settings, blending rustic appeal with a simple, natural aesthetic.

Charger plate: cca. 32cm (12.6in), 2.5-3.5cm high (1-1.4in)

Porcelain plate: 26x16cm (10.25 x 6.3in)

Mini bowl: 9x3cm (3.5 x 1.2in)

Our handmade gift box is included in the price.

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