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Umber Set

Umber is a pigment of the earthy color palette, reflected in the deep tones of the large plate, reminiscent of the natural umber pigment. This pigment is known for its warm, brown color found in the earth and has been used throughout history in art as a color for creating shadows and depth.

The large plate, shaded in deep chocolate brown, provides solidity, not just as a base for serving but also as a quiet yet noticed detail in a space that breathes with nature.

The smaller porcelain dish catches the light traveling through the room, adding a subtle gleam without being overstated. It doesn't have to be used solely for serving food; it can also be a quiet spot for a resting glass of wine or simply a piece that brings tranquility to the table.

The stoneware brings a sense of stability and permanence, while the porcelain introduces lightness and translucence. They are envisioned to stand together, each to tell its own story, allowing those who use them to combine them in whatever feels fitting.



Charger plate: cca. 32cm (12.6in), 2.5-3.5cm high (1-1.4in)

Porcelain plate: 26x16cm (10.25 x 6.3in)

Mini bowl: 9x3cm (3.5 x 1.2in)

Our handmade gift box is included in the price.


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