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Sumi pour-over set

It's dripping time! If you, like us, enjoy home-made pour-over coffee, you will understand and share our excitement and enjoyment. 

We begun this journey in 2020, when we designed and sampled a dripper. However, we were not fully satisfied so we put the whole thing aside. Until 2023 when we pushed the project forward. I personally have grown very fond of pour-over coffee and decided it was hight time we made not just a dripper but also the whole set. Because, pour-over is and should be pure enjoyment! 

Inspiration for this set are contrasts - full&empty, black&white, shiny&matte. The set is part of the Sumi collection that finds roots in sumi-e, a traditional Japanese painting style. 

The set includes a wheel-thrown porcelain dripper and a cup as well as a small bowl that serves as a rest of the dripper. Let's not forget the wooden ring, that was a challenge to make. We sought help ofcarpenter Jova,our long-term collaborator, who gave the rind a special coating that matched the rest of the set perfectly.


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