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January 30, 2018 1 min read

Handcrafting tableware for a restaurant is always a challenge but doing it for a Japanese restaurant has its own catch. It is so easy to step in the comfort zone and make something Japanese-like. Stepping out of it, that was a true challenge. 

The cuisine and ceramics derive from the same philosophy. They come from a vault so rich and endless. Intimate space where we contemplate. Experiment. Create.

This is where Boya meets Go Sushi.

Vladimir, the owner, founder and manager of Go Sushi restaurant concept is a person passionate about details like a true entrepreneur but he has the talent to stop the time when it's time to enjoy all the details.

We have very quickly realized we think alike and care about the same things. Reaching that mutual understanding has given me the freedom in design.

boya artisan porcelain sushi

Having seen the colors of new visual identity of Go Sushi inspired me to go in the direction of ivory porcelain - it's warm, friendly, inviting especially in combination with super fresh and colorful food made with care and precision. The wide calligraphic brush stroke gives a contrast and a unique visual experience. Of course, at the end I've added gold. Gold comes as a final touch to all the hard and time-consuming work. Also, each piece has a Boya for GoSushi stamp.

This exclusive collection consists of large round charger plates, oval plates and sauce bowls that will be combined with the rest of the tableware in all three Go Sushi restaurants. Make sure you check out Go Sushi in case you still haven't!

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