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January 12, 2018 2 min read

What happens when a restaurant abroad wants to have your tableware? First, you don't believe. After the first meeting, you say OK, let's give it a go! And the ball starts rolling...
Tones of e-mails, photos, online meetings on the one side and glaze/molds/sample tests on the other side result in...
...seeing this photo! My tableware in a Dubai-based restaurant! Oh my!
The process was rather smooth mainly because I had an amazing woman to cooperate with on the restaurant side. She knew exactly what she wanted, decisive yet respectful of my creative inputs. The restaurant ended up getting my plates and trays from Lace and Breeze Collections (I was super proud of that) plus plates in two colors from their color palette - majolica blue and pastel orange. The coffee cups were quite a challenge for us. We had to follow the size and the measurements what left a tiny space for design. But, that a real treat, right? Black brush stroke was the one thing we got to play with and a splash of colors on the saucers. Like it?
I've come out of this process wiser and more experienced in the process of designing and handcrafting tableware for a restaurant. I've learnt much about patience when you open a kiln with destroyed pieces and when you have to throw away hours and hours of your work because the glaze was not right; also about discipline and following the schedule; but the most importantly, communication with a client - meeting their needs but staying true to yourself.
Hopefully I'll get a chance to visit this restaurant in the near future. In the meanwhile, check them out on http://21grams.me/

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