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Bosa was my grandma. My favorite person the whole world. She taught me values and honesty. And importance of hard work. She loved rituals at home - cooking, setting the table, eating together, chatting and laughing, drinking coffee after lunch. I made first set of plates after she was gone using her doilies I had inherited. An homage and huge thank you to the most important person in my life! The collection carries a sense of tradition wrapped up in a minimalistic modern design.

Bosa, grande serving plate, 30cm
from €60.00
This is a plate that dominates the table. It is a plate that you serve a cake on. Or lots of cookies. Or finger foodthat last long. But it is definitely a plate that calls for gatherings!
Bosa Square Serving Plate, white with golden polka-dots
Square and elegant porcelain serving plate. Or is it a fish plate?
Bosa oval plate, lace with golden polka-dots
Perfect for one cup of coffee and maybe a cookie. Treat yourself! You deserve it. The collection is an homage to our grandmas and home rituals. 21x14cm (8.25x5.5in)
Bosa Plates
from €21.00
Simple white porcelain plates with a spark of tradition!   Dessert plate 18cm Salad plate 21cm Luncheon plate 24cm