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The collection that is part of my work from early beginnings and I never get bored of making it. It matches beautifully with many other collections. It is white, yet very present.

It got name after my grandma. She was the one who introduced me to the small table rituals and happiness within it. She had her collection of porcelain and was never reluctant to use it. Boya is her nickname for me. As most of ladies of her era she did her own laces. Set of those ended up with me. I keep them as my own and the studio's treasure and I am imprinting them in the pieces that you see here.

 Lace and gold are perfect match on a white porcelain that brings that comfort feel.

This collection makes beautiful combination with the Breeze collection



Grande serving plate, 30cm
This is a plate that can dominate the table. It calls for gatherings with small bites that last long. It is also a nice charger plate. 
Square serving plate, white with golden polka-dots
Square and elegant porcelain serving plate. Or it is a fish plate?
White organic-shaped bowl with imprinted lace
The queen of this collection. This bowl fits just to any table and set-up. It will shine on rustic and modern surfaces.  Dim: 26xcca7cm (10.25xcca2.75cm)
Oval serving plate, lace with golden polka-dots, two variants and two sizes
from €30.00
Perfect for one cup of coffee and maybe a cookie. The bigger is a nice big serving plate for two cups or a fish plate. Treat yourself! You deserve it. A small series that is an homage to our grandmas and home rituals. Dim.: small: 21x14cm (8.25x5....
Bosa plates, four sizes in two designs
from €21.00
Lace doilies bring memories of my grandma's home, my comfort zone. I don't have a need to have them in my home but they are imprinted in my emotions and in my memories so I imprinted them in my porcelain.  Dia.: dessert:     18cm (7in) salad:     ...