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         Ellen is our friend. Like most Swedes, she appears distant at first, and as with most of them as well, that is pretty far from the truth. She respects your presence but appreciates the warmth and will feel you easily. With her on your side, you'll never lack a hug when you need it. Even if you were not aware you needed one, she'll feel you. She grew up in an artistic family, spending time at the theater rehearsals and sailing in the Stockholm archipelago during summers. Nevertheless, she became a diplomat for this magical country. She quit smoking and fell in love with a Serbian guy. We have our fingers crossed she will become the ambassadress to Belgrade.

         These cups are made of Uppsala blue porcelain, named after the Swedish town where it is produced. Maybe it is Scandinavian turf reason why Ellen and this clay bear that same silent power. Meeting of hot coffee with these cups is a refreshing scene. That is when this cold blue becomes warmth you feel all around and inside yourself.