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Ivory nuance of porcelain. It is a creamy, gentle and smooth surface. It brings scents of those light Italian-style vanilla flavored sweets that start with creaminess but end with some guilt pleasure nutty bitter-sweet short impression like amaretto or nutmeg. Moscata is Italian word for nutmeg. 

Design and pieces of this collection are appropriate for dessert or breakfast but with nice combination those will fit various occasions.

Moscata Breakfast Set
It is morning and your thoughts about the rest of the day are still on hold. Having breakfast from artisan porcelain pieces makes you indulge in them later with more calmness and therefore more wisdom and readiness. After such meal, realizing it i...
Black brush stroke and golden line, cappuccino and espresso size
from €20.00
This one is for rather mellow coffee time. Elegant and strongly present. Before publishing them here a few cups were in our shop. Out of four sold, three went to - males. Hm... Size: h: 8.5cm (3.3in) w: 7.5cm (3in)
Small oval plate, two variants
Elegant and funky variant. Those can be a nice support for the cups from this collection.  Dim.: 20x11.5cm (7.8x4.5in)
Black-speckled salad plate, two sizes
from €21.00
I see some small and strong flavor cookies served on it. You? The other variant with just a stream would fit some nice and simple finger food. Dia.: dessert, cca. 18cm (7in) salad, cca. 21cm (8.25in)  
Brush stroke and golden line plates, three sizes
from €21.00
Tiramisu anyone? A plate with slightly raised rim. Dia.: dessert cca 18cm (7in) salad, cca. 21 cm (8.25in) luncheon cca. 24cm (9.45in)
Moscato napkins, several variants
My dear Maja that stands behind Vilenica brand did napkins for this collection as well. Hand screen-printed on fine cotton in several designs and in ivory nuance. Dim.:cca. 45x45cm (17.7x17.7in)  
Ice-cream ramekin
Moscata collection calls for coffee and ice-cream. These ramekins can hold 100gr of ice-cream which is a minimum guilt pleasure quantity. Ramekins are wheel-thrown with a thin 24K gold line.