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Nova - Limited Edition

Let's do it the other way. Calmness, focus, zen are things we look for in our small, mostly morning, rituals. Don't we sometimes need an up-beat instead?

This is a limited edition done in collaboration with Vilenica hand-screen printing studio. Most of the pieces are completely unique. We didn't want to upload every variant as choosing would make you indecisive. Let yourself be surprised! 

I’ve used different techniques for this collection. Lines and circles as my focus have led me to narrow down my choice to pencil and brush stroke of genuine gold and to play with contrasts. Round hand-drawn plates meet bronze-gold glazed square ones just to make an equilibrium.

The hidden awaits to surprise us!

Nova Cup, Cappuccino and Espresso size
Sold out
Why not get funky in the morning? Forget about limits, think only about connections.  Nova Collection is inspired by sudden energies created when different bodies meet.  Lines and circles as my focus have led me to narrow down my choice to pencil ...
Nova Square Desert Plate, two sizes- Rare!
from €23.00
What I love the most about this collection is its playfulness. You can actually mix & match all parts and get some really funky combos! The glaze on the plates is beautiful and decadent but also rare. There are a lot of effective glazes out th...
Nova Oval Dessert Plate, two variants
Sold out
This oval plate is made of white porcelain and gold is applied using a calligraphic brush. This time, I really had fun with the golden line playing with the intensity and flow in order to get the vibe of the collection. My trademark wreath found i...
Nova Saucer
I like how this play of motives through this collection change its dynamics on different pieces. What would you actually use this piece for? Dia.: 15cm (5.9in)
Nova Classic Saucer
Saucer that will go with those hand-drawn cups or Nova glaze mini bowls needs to be calm and subtle. Balance is always required and I found it in this hand-painted gold line that simply flows on the plate. Dia. 15cm (5.9in)
Nova Mini Bowls
Mini bowls usually perfectly complement plates and make a really playful atmosphere on the table. Be creative when using them! Put spice or sugar, almonds or nuts or even dips. I see a chocolate dip with a bit of hot spice in it. Why not?
Nova Classic Dessert Plate with a golden line, two sizes
This collection also needs a calm spot. Somewhere to take a break before dancing again. Simple and elegant as a contrast to the funky note of the collection. These come in two sizes. Smaller (18cm; 7in) are nice for little bites and bigger (21cm;8...
Nova Classic Bowls, two sizes
from €10.00
These small bowl come in two sizes. The bigger is just perfect for ice cream and the mini one is a classic Boya mini bowl ideal for sugar, spice or sauce. Interesting fact is that many people who come to my shop call the small ones espresso cups. ...
Nova Napkins, unique by Vilenica Studio
The collaboration continues so now it's called a friendship. Maja, the lady behind Vilenica Studio, designed and made 15 unique fine cotton napkins in colors and motives of the collection. Attention to details and composition is what I absolutely ...
Black Handmade Box. Nova collection exclusively
Limited collection like this requires its own handmade box with the Boya logo on the top.  The box comes in two dimensions so it will fit your order for sure.
Nova dessert plate (18cm;7in)
Hand-drawn pencil lines meet the hand-painted golden lines on these quite Nova dessert plates. Inspired by the sudden energies, contrasts and interactions made, this collection is perfect for mix&matching! Every piece is different and thus ide...